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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

As a supporter of TWAS,  purchase a Nimbus Frame and enter coupon code “TWAS” in the checkout page and you will get $75 off the purchase price.  You will also be signed up for one year of TWAS content at the special membership price of $9.99 per month.  $5 of this monthly fee goes to TWAS as a monthly donation.  $4.99 pays for a discounted unlimited Nimbus service.  

Renewable Annually 


Each Nimbus digital art frame requires a service plan.   The service plan gives the frame access to the Nimbus Portal,  Nimbus Art Collection and storage space for personal uploaded images. 

*Unlimited Service*  includes unlimited uploads, unlimited playlists, and full access to the Nimbus Art Collection* including over 5000 extra high quality pieces from museum collections.  The service fee for the first frame on an account is payable monthly ($5.99), or yearly ($59.00).   Additional frames get service at 1/2 service price each.  For the convenience of no monthly payments, we offer a lifetime service option for a one-time fee of $259.99 first frame plus $130 for additional frames. *Premium Art not included.

After your first year you can continue your subscription at this special rate or move to one of Nimbus other service plans.  More information on the pricing page. 

*Optional* Premium Art pieces and Collections are special artwork directly from artists or galleries.  The collections are curated by the owning artist/gallery and change over time.  Premium Art pieces and Collections are purchasable through your account as a Subscription or a Lifetime Purchase.  Pricing is set by the artist.  Opting to purchase Premium Art allows you to support the individual artist, Nimbus takes only a small handling percentage.