The Future of Digital Photo Frames | Nimbus Frames

Digital photo frames that are designed to look and act like conventional art displays are the newest technology to invade your home or office. A large, wall-mounted digital art frame gives you access to thousands of pieces of art. Read on to learn about the future of this emerging technology.

Music used to exist on vinyl albums that were played on a record player. Then came cassette tapes and CD’s. Now music is digital and users create digital playlists of their selected music that is either stored on a device such as a laptop or mobile phone, or it’s stored in the cloud.

The same progression is happening with art. Art collections from galleries around the world have been saved in a digital format that can be displayed on a digital picture frame. A digital art frame combined with and connected to an art distribution service provides access to these digital art pieces via a connection to the Internet. A digital art service gives you genres of art to choose from, and you select what pieces you want to see. Just like a music playlist, you create an art playlist and decide what to see and when to see it.

Digital picture frames have become bigger, much bigger than the old tabletop digital photo frames that were created to show off your family photos. The latest digital art frames are designed to display real works of art, such as paintings and photographs from major art museums. Digital frames also include the ability to upload and display video, photos and GIFs from your mobile phone through the available mobile app.

If you have a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you probably have a large number of digital photographs stored in your device or in the cloud. These digital images are often locked inside our portable technology, with few ways to get them out of the technology prison. A digital art frame is one great way to reconnect with all those memories. Digital photo frame playlists allow you to shuffle digital images, loop GIFs and moving pictures by using an app or browser where you adjust the frequency and content.

A wall-mounted digital picture frame is sure to spark some interesting conversations. Someone will ask how you have the Mona Lisa hanging on your wall, or where did you get that rare piece from Van Gogh or Monet? Then you can show your guest your massive digital art collection, along with your goofy selfies, family photos and silly GIFs. The coolest thing about digital photo frames is that you can change your art as quickly as you change your mind.

The future of digital art frame technology will be the emergence of digital artists who create art specifically for the digital frame market, and their digital art will be sold directly to the consumer through the service. The same transformation that is seen with music and movies will occur in the art industry, allowing individuals to have a copy of their favorite pieces. These emerging digital artists create a new sales channel for a new audience with a new medium. This is the future of the digital frame market.