Nimbus Frame TV Interview | Nimbus Frames

Nimbus digital frames were featured on Denver’s Fox31 news program. Click here to see the interview. Digital art frames allow you to display art collections from all over the world and your own photos in a large format digital frame that hangs on your wall.

Digital picture frames were purchased by high-end buyers and early-adopter technologists who could afford the luxury of a digital art frame. Bill Gates is an example of this type of digital art frame buyer. Bill Gates has $80,000 worth of digital art frames that connect to an unlimited supply of artwork, as you can see in this image from the movie theater in his mansion.

bill gates digital art frame
Like everything in the technology world, the tech gets better and the price comes down, which is perfect for the average digital photo frame buyer. Now you can purchase a digital art frame at a fraction of the cost that Bill Gates paid for it! You can also have access to digital art collections that can be changed on a whim.  

Nimbus digital frames come in two sizes and are affordably priced digital frames. The Nimbus digital picture frame hangs on your wall and features changing art just like Bill Gates. Impress your friends with a collection of art masterpieces from around the world. Digital art frame technology is constantly improving, and now is the time to get the latest tech innovations at an affordable price.