Nimbus Frame on TV | Nimbus Frames


Nimbus was featured on TV station Fox 31 Denver. A Nimbus digital frame is a large, wall-mounted digital art frame that gives you WiFi access to a digital art gallery of art collections around the world. This digital photo frame allows you to upload your personal photos and videos via a mobile phone app or internet browser using the Nimbus cloud service.

Nimbus digital frames are available in two sizes, and it connects to a cloud service to deliver digital artwork directly into your living room. The cloud service is $5.99 per month and offers 500,000 pieces of art. The frame can cycle through family photos during your family reunions and special events. You can setup a frame at Grandma’s house and upload photos from your phone to her frame remotely.

Tom Lemmons, the founder of Nimbus Frame explains how the digital frame works. Click here to watch the video:

Digital frames are not new technology. Smaller digital frames have been around for years, but the Nimbus digital frame takes that concept to a higher level. The screen looks great, the images look bright and crisp and the cloud service makes it easy to upload images and access a world of art. Click here to purchase a Nimbus Frame.