Choosing an Art Frame for a Digital Picture Frame | Nimbus Frames

You purchased a digital picture frame and you are ready to hang it on your wall. Now you want the digital photo frame to be displayed in an art frame that goes with the wall decor in the room. How do you choose a physical art frame to surround your digital art frame?

When it comes to art frames, you want the focus to be on the digital frame, but you also want the art frame to complement the wall decor. An art frame provides a structure and adds to the presentation of the piece of art.

One of the first things to consider is the art frame material. Do you prefer wood or metal? Do you like smooth and sleek art frames or frames with texture? The art frame material should complement the wall decor in the room, and it also needs to match your personal style. On the flip side, some interior designers will say that the frame should complement the art and not the room decor or wall decor. The style of the frame should match the style of the art. The good news about digital photo frames is that because the digital images are constantly changing, any style of art frame can complement your digital art frames

Another consideration is art frame quality. If you choose a wooden art frame with an antique finish, pay attention to the quality of the finish. An art frame that is too distressed may look too rustic, and if it’s only slightly distressed, it may look cheap.

Keep it simple. When in doubt about choosing an art frame, select a frame that doesn’t overwhelm the digital frame. Sometimes a simple black, white or natural wood frame will add visual appeal to the digital picture frame. The simpler the art frame, the easier it adapts to the wall decor and it puts the focus on your digital photo frame.

Antique art frames can be an excellent choice for your wall decor. When classic masterpiece artwork such as Rembrandt and Monet are displayed on a digital art frame, an antique frame can add a certain flair to the digital frame.

There are many choices and considerations when choosing an art frame to add intrigue to your digital art frame. Framing is an art in and of itself. Whatever your art frame preference, it will be a beautiful addition to your digital frame.