Best Location to Hang a Digital Art Frame | Nimbus Frames

When you purchase a digital art frame, where is the best location to display a large digital picture frame in your home or business?

In your home, the ideal location is above your sofa. People are usually sitting in a living room, so a digital art frame should be placed lower on the wall. An easy way to measure is to place one hand on the wall at the top of the sofa, and then hang the wifi digital frame so that the bottom of the frame hits the top of your hand. In other words, the distance between the bottom of the electronic picture frame and top of the sofa is approximately the width of one hand.

digital art frameAnother option for hanging large digital picture frames is above the bed in your bedroom. The bedroom is an ideal location for displaying family and personal photographs, and an electronic photo frame is the perfect solution to showcase all of your photos in a rotating art display. Remember that a digital art frame emits light, and you want to sleep in a dark room. A wifi digital frame allows you to schedule when to turn it on and when to turn it off.

In your place of business, the ideal location for displaying a large digital picture frame is in the lobby or reception area where all visitors can see it. A wifi digital frame is an impressive addition to your business entrance because digital art frames offer a rotating schedule for different art to be displayed.

digital art frame Another option for hanging an electronic picture frame is in the largest conference room in your office. This location is a good choice because both employees and clients conduct meetings in that room. Meeting rooms need art, and a wifi digital frame is a unique addition that adds style and flair to an otherwise boring room.

Finally, here’s a tip that applies to both homes and business. When displaying multiple pieces of wall art that are near an electronic picture frame, remember to level the middles. This means that the center point of each piece of art should be in line with each other. Don’t try to level the top or bottom of the art frames.